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Kuster 38

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    The Kuster 38 is far the most popular version in the Kuster-range. Especially by her main dimensions and her stalwart and very elegant emanation. The Kuster 38 is a real grown-up ship, which due to her special dimensions of air-clearance and draught a very special exclusivity guarantees. With a fabulous clearance of not more than 2,40 metres, the innumerable seas are unrestrained!   

    The bodyplan of this multi chine ship, the construction, the weight and weight-distribution, the arched shapes of hull, superstructure and decks give her much rigidity, a perfect stability and comfortable sailing characteristics. 

    The Kuster 38 appears to be your trusty mate, who brings you home, even when the circumstances are less forgiving.    

    On Deck
    The 38 distinguishes herself by her sturdy and elegant look. Her emanation has been the base for the whole Kuster-range. Within the Kuster 38 all the roots are converted of all the hulls and superstructures: the design concept at which the designer spent a lot of time to come to this final result. Spacious gangways, a safe and robust stainless-steel guardrail, perfect placed handrails and a high-placed engineroom ventilation inlet, makes her to be a seaworthy lady! In the aluminium mast which is placed on the cabindeck in a fine stainless steel mastheel, all necessary (navigation) equipment is mounted. 

    Open Cockpit  
    The spacious open cockpit is fitted out with benches at the stern ánd at star- and portside. Under these benches watertight lockers are available in which many things can be stored safely. At the same time these benches create a safe and easy step-on to the both gangways. Underneath the gangway a steel-shelf is mounted: a perfect place to store fenders, mooring-ropes and the boathook.

    The cockpit floor lodges a hugh space for stowing bicycles and other big things which are often taken on long journeys. By means of a big hatch the hold can be reached easily. Cockpit-floor, floor hatch and benches are finished with a high-quality teak. With the optional closed sprayhood placed the total living area can be increased by several square metres, while one is sheltered by wind and weather. The also optional second steering position with full steering facilities, gives a good view round about for sailing open waters. With all necessary equipment within direct handreach, the Kuster A-38 can be handled by only one person. Even under mooring!

    Wheelhouse / Galley  
    A well isolated aluminium door gives access to the wheelhouse annex salon/galley, which is on the same level as the open cockpit. The galley is fitted out practically with a 3-flame gas stove, a refrigerator, and a stainless steel washing tub: all worked up in a fine galley-top. The gas-oven is lined-up perfectly in combination with drawers for the two removable dustbins. Next to the gas-oven a spacious provision cupboard is available with separate drawer for bottle-stowage.

    A more than comfortable L-settee placed on a raised platform on starboard. With even under sailing a perfect view round about, and with the additional removable seat placed, not less than five persons can take place in this spacious seat. For all the navigation charts and almanacs a special chart-drawer has been made which is located under the table. The helmseat fixed but free-hanged from the floor is mounted to the portside wall. It provides a safe seat with excellent view round about while meanwhile all navigation instruments and engine panel are in handreach. Underneath the wheelhouse floor the engineroom is located with placed a strong but silent 4-cilinder Vetus-Deutz diesel engine of 106 hp: low exhaust emission values and very economical fuel consumption, but nevertheless more than enough power even in upstream water and with al lot of wind. The engine room can be perfectly reached by opening (one of) the three well-isolated hatches in the floor, all fitted out with gas-cilinders.

    Owners Cabin  
    In the forepart of the Kuster 38 separated from the rest of the ship with a door, the owners cabin is located. Placed is a large double-berth in the so-called French-formation. Completely fitted out with a box-spring and mattress it’s a true respite to sleep on board. On both sides of the cabin large cupboard are available with both hanging facility as well with shelves for clothes and other things. Against the fore   bulkhead a beautiful bookshelf is mounted for many (nautical) literature. Sufficient daylight can enter the cabin by means of an excellent reachable deckhatch and two fully-hinged portholes. 

    On starboard side after descending a 3-rungs stair, the guestcabin is located with a full double berth fitted out with box-spring and mattress. With a spacious cupboard with hanging-facility even floor space for changing clothes is available! While the door to the guestcabin can be closed a very private cabin is created. Two large drawers under the berth are suitable for stowing clothes, shoes and much more. By means of an excellent reachable deckhatch and two portholes the cabin ventilation is perfect.

    Toilet / Shower  
    Opposite to the guestcabin the toilet and separate shower are situated which can be closed by a door with safety-glass. The toilet room is fitted with a wash-basin and a electrical-operated toilet. The showercabin is fitted out with a safety-glass door and an additional seat, which means that showering even under sailing is possible. For stowage three cupboards are placed. Two portholes and an easily accessible deckhatch provides sufficient daylight and performs excellent ventilation.

    Design   Arthur Mursell
    Dimensions   11,90 x 4,04 x 1,05 meter
    Headroom   2,40 meter
    Material   Steel
  • Design   Arthur Mursell
    Dimensions   11,90 x 4,04 x 1,05 meter
    Headroom   2,40 meter
    Material   Steel
    Hull shape   Multi chine
    Water displacement   11,5 tonnes
    Berths   2+2
    Engine(s)   Vetus - Deutz DT - 44
    Fuel tank   1250 liter
    Wastewater tank   150 liter
    CE-certificate   CE B
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