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    The KusterA-47 "Temptress" was the first of a new type of motoryacht within the unique line of Kuster Yachts. The Kuster A-47 has a spacious open cockpit that is combined with optimal safety in open seas. The swimming platform on the stern forms an unobtrusive extension to the waterline and ensures easy boarding on and off a tender. It is also ideal for a refreshing dip!


    Robust yet elegant, the Kuster A-47 is a sight to behold. Even at higher speeds, the flared stern limits the spray. The sturdy guardrails follow the lines of the yacht, while a door in the stern make it easy to enter or leave the cockpit when the yacht is moored stern to the quay or jetty. Climbing over the edge of the cockpit is almost impossible.


    Open Cockpit

    There are various layouts possible for the spacious open cockpit. There is lots of storage space under the seats, and the central hatch in the floor also gives access to a large space (for example, to store fold-away bikes). Onboard the Noaber Temptress, the hatch conceals a foldable table. The extended saloon roof provides some protection against rain and wind when sailing, even when the cockpit tent is not

    in use.


    The aft wall of the saloon has three windows; one in the watertight door and two in the wall that separates the galley from the cockpit. One of the latter two can be electrically opened if there is need for extra ventilation or to serve drinks or snacks from the galley to the people in the saloon. The fore deck offers plenty of space for sunbathing in both beam and length.


    On Deck

    The Kuster A-47 is standard equipped with a Flexiteek rubbing rail that is easy to clean and repair if necessary. After all, a rubbing rail should be able to do what it is designed for: Absorb bumps and prevent damage. As a beautiful natural product, teak keeps out water and sound and protects the steel preservation layer from wear. As this type of wood has become increasingly rare environmental considerations may mean you prefer to opt for a top-quality synthetic material that is very reminiscent of teak.


    It is your choice whether to use teak or Flexiteek on the wide gangways, decks and seats or to leave them uncovered. In practice, the cockpit floor and seats are always covered. As you can see from the photos, the first Kuster A-47 "Temptress" is fitted with Flexiteek.


    The fore deck incudes a hydraulic anchor winch with a capstan above to tighten the lines and hawsers.

    A typical feature for Consonant Yachts is the bollard with cap and double bars. This enables the lines to be fastened without hindering each other or becoming entangled, and also prevents the rigging damaging the paint. The strength and stiffness of the hull into which the bollard is built is proven by the fact that the entire yacht can be lifted on a single bollard. Not that this will ever happen, of course!


    The superior isolation and ventilation of the Kuster A-47 are only visible through the well-functioning dorades, protected by bars that also provide grip for people onboard when the yacht is in motion.

    The polished high-gloss stainless steel Bruce anchor is sea-water proof and digs in quickly and thoroughly even on mossy sea beds; its grip on loose sea beds is also excellent.


    Wheelhouse / Galley

    The saloon/wheelhouse is very spacious, and the choice of woods and fabrics is all yours. It is clear to see that the captain is not left alone and that guests can enjoy the steering and navigating of the yacht as well.


    The lighting consists entirely of LED lights; clear and sustainable. Colours can be switched to red to enable sailing in the dark without having to turn off the lights in the



    The galley is fully equipped, with an electric cooker, fridge/freezer, oven and coffee maker. The cupboards below the counter offer plenty of storage space with the benefit that there are no wall cabinets to hinder the views.


    Owners Cabin

    At the heart of the interior is the media/entertainment area, which can be reached via the only stairs onboard. This is the perfect place to relax and read a book or magazine, watch TV, check your e-mail or do some work in quiet and private surroundings. Sound isolation was an important aspect of the yacht, which means that no matter where there are people onboard, sounds are limited to those individual spaces.


    The owner's cabin on Temptress has a French bed with a washer and dryer underneath. There is also direct access from this cabin to the comfortable toilet and shower room, including a shower screen to prevent splashing. There is also direct access from the bathroom to the media/entertainment room, and the wall is wide enough to carry a large widescreen TV.


    A second toilet for the guest cabin is optional. It does slightly reduce the space in the media/entertainment room.

    Design   Marinus Meijers Yacht Design
    Dimensions   14,54 x 4,37 x 1,25 meter
    Headroom   3,10 meter
    Material   Steel
  • Design   Marinus Meijers Yacht Design
    Dimensions   14,54 x 4,37 x 1,25 meter
    Headroom   3,10 meter
    Material   Steel
    Hull shape   Multi chine
    Water displacement   22,7 tonnes
    Berths   4
    Engine(s)   Vetus-Duetz DT66
    Fuel tank   2450 liter
    Wastewater tank   280 liter
    CE-certificate   CE B
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